ANZTB Test 2018 Conference

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Now in it’s 10th year, the ANZTBTest2018 conference was held on Friday 1 June 2018 at the Hyatt Hotel in Canberra, Australia.

This year’s conference was another success, with delegates hearing from industry experts on the topic of “Tailoring Testing for Success”.  This year’s exceptional presentations included:

  • Surviving and succeeding in a Megaproject (or Two), by Nathan Bligh
  • The Future of Testing, by Thomas Hadorn
  • Living the good life within the lifecycle, by Judy McKay
  • Post Testing, by Will Erskine
  • Fitting into Continuous Delivery: The Mindshift, by Kate Nesmyelova
  • Everybody wants test automation – but what do they really need? by Tony Parrott

In addition to the main presentations, lightning talks were presented throughout the day, including:

  • Agile Methodologies can work on Megaprojects, by Nathan Bligh
  • Two critical characteristics of a good manager, by Judy McKay
  • How to Survive the DevOps Apocalypse, by Will Erskine
  • Drive the change: Thinking Agile Testing, by Kate Nesmyelova

A second stream was also a huge success with very relevant and informative presentations by some of our sponsors, including:

  • The Future and the Now of Improving Your Customer Experience with Automated Testing, by Alok Kulkarni from Cyara
  • Is Test Automation Really the Solution to Your Quality Problem? by Reuben Korngold from AccessHQ
  • The Top Five Reasons Why You Just aren’t Seeing the Benefits of Your Test Automation Technology, by Chris Plewa from CA Technologies
  • The Fast and the Furious Retrospective Activity, by James Pennefather from Planit

All presentations are available on our website at

The crowd sourced Q&A wall was another success this year, with delegates posting or answering questions. Delegates enjoyed the opportunity to network and discuss burning questions impacting their jobs and career development, opening up a lot of discussion and networking at the wall, with a lot of great ideas shared.

The afternoon concluded with a panel discussion where selected questions from the Q&A wall were addressed to the panel of presenters.  The floor was also opened up to all delegates to ask additional questions related to the presentations or any other topics related to job and career challenges.

The ANZTB would like to thank all our delegates, presenters, and sponsors for anther successful conference.  We hope that everyone enjoyed the day!

More photos from the ANZTB Test 2018 conference can be seen on our Flickr page:

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