ANZTB Test 2018 – How do you live the good life within the project lifecycle?


A straightforward and practical evaluation method exists that is based on 15-real-world factors specific to your project, this pragmatic approach will allow you to determine and tailor the best lifecycle model for your project.

Come and listen to Judy McKay as she demonstrates practical methods to identify the appropriate lifecycle model to help the project be successful (and protect your sanity).

Visit for the full abstract or to register your interest in this world-class 1-day event. Don’t miss out on the Early Bird Pricing!  #Testing #SoftwareTesting #ANZTB #ANZTBTest2018

When: Friday, 1 June 2018
Where: Hyatt Hotel Canberra, Australia

To find out more about the conference, keep an eye on our conference website call us toll-free from Australia on 1800 438 269 or New Zealand 0800 438 269, or email