GTB* Foundation Level Usability Tester Certification


Does your product delight your customers? Do your customers find your product easy to learn and usable?

Learn how to identify any usability problems, collect data and determine the users’ satisfaction and ability to effectively use your products through a variety of formal techniques such as observation and surveys. Avoid brand damage and expensive lawsuits by gaining the knowledge required to introduce usability and accessibility testing aligned with international standards.

The German Testing Board (GTB) Certified Usability Tester qualification is aimed at anyone involved in software testing who wishes to broaden their knowledge of usability and accessibility testing, or anyone who wishes to start a specialist career in usability testing. The qualification is also aimed at anyone involved in usability engineering who wishes to understand usability testing.

Our esteemed colleagues at the American Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB) recently did a “Usability Testing in a Nutshell” webinar with Graham Bath from the German Testing Board, which assists in understanding the need for usability and accessibility testing in today’s market, and what the GTB* Usability Tester Certification can offer you:

You can find the GTB* Certified Usability Tester syllabus and sample exam on the ANZTB website:

For further information, including how to obtain this certification, contact the ANZTB on: NZ: 0800 438 269 | AU: 1800 438 269 |


* GTB = German Testing Board (