Did you know the ANZTB has FREE resources available to advance your testing career?


Unlock your testing career by accessing and downloading FREE resources from the ANZTB.

Resources which are available for FREE, and without any signups or obligations include:

These resources can assist you in advancing your career or defining your career direction.

We do not require you to sign up or provide us with any information to access this information.  The ANZTB is a not-for-profit organisation set up to support, improve and advance the software testing profession within Australia and New Zealand, and we welcome all visitors to our site to access any or all resources available on our downloads page.

The ANZTB also runs FREE Special Interest Groups in Software Testing meetup groups throughout Australia and New Zealand on a regular basis.  Keep an eye on our Events page for an event near you, or join our mailing list to be informed when events are planned in your region.

If you do wish to formalise your testing qualifications, we can assist you with organising your certification exam in your local city.

For further information, contact the ANZTB on: NZ: 0800 438 269 | AU: 1800 438 269 | info@anztb.org | http://anztb.org/

Join our mailing list to get updates on any news or events in your local area.

Build your skills. Build your network. Build your career.




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