ANZTB Perth SIGIST – 11 July 2017

It was yet another successful SIGiST in Perth on Tuesday 11th July 2017, with two very interesting presentations: “Testing in the Age of Hackathons” by Don Sharp and Sunaina Dhanjal, and “Security-testing web applications in the Cloud” by Graham Weston.


Testing in the age of hackathons was a presentation detailing a recent event that the presenters held at their organisation to increase innovation.  It followed the journey over the course of the two day event to describe how the organisers invited participants to put forward new ideas and how they then grew from concepts to reality. The presenters showed video footage from the event and made the whole presentation interactive.

The second topic, Security-testing web applications in the Cloud, was presented in a very professional manner.  This talk covered information about security testing and the various ways in which an organisation can come under threat.  It also explained the challenges of security testing applications in the cloud.  Graham then went on to describe tools that can help with security testing and gave some insights into the results that can be found and how to decipher them.

Thanks to everyone who attended and a special thanks to the presenters!

If you are interested at presenting at any of our future Perth SIGIST’s, please contact our local Perth SIGIST facilitator, Sarah Benstead. If you are interested in presenting at any of our other SIGISTs across Australia or New Zealand, please contact our SIGIST coordinator, Ronak Panchal.

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